Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Scam Info & Release Date

Recently, there have been Youtube uploads showing how to get The Eternity Clock's beta for free. Evidently, this is false. LIES! Not only are these chiefly used as a money making scheme, but they also contain malware such as Trojans (though I can't really go into detail without setting up a secure machine and finding out exactly what it contains). Now personally, if you're stupid enough to fall for this, bin your computer and stay far far away from anything to do with it. You are not worthy of touching the internet.

Now there are several tell tale signs that this is fake. I'm just going to list a few of them off the top of my head in the hope that you will remember these and steer clear:

  • Several videos of the same thing uploaded around the same time with the same icon
Video Description
  • The visit link is a short link to a ad.fy. This is a service that allows you to both create short links and generate money. Need I explain more there?
  • Most of the words, but not all, contain capital letters. Ok so this is a short leash on this one but bad English,etc. Just an opportunity for an excuse. It's one of the things that is just down to my gut instinct and is hard to explain.
  • The "tags" in the description are purposefully made to gain as many visits from search engines as possible. Out to make a bit of attention for a bit of money are we? Oh wait....
  • An obvious one here...the instructions. According to them, they are only there to give you a key. No mention of where to get the game from. No mention of how to get around anything. No mention of anything useful that's not obvious.
Finally...the actual video
  • Now this bit is just obvious...but I'll go into the smaller details too:
  • Again, this is the same for several versions of it uploaded by several users
  • The video consists of a screenshot of the "keygen". That's it. Just a screenshot with old and TBH crappy music and then an instruction to download.
  • This "screenshot" is obviously photoshopped. And very badly done (Jeez...as if it was THAT hard to photoshop it well in the first place).
    • Giveaway 1: Adobe Photoshop is running in the taskbar *facepalm*
    • Giveaway 2: The corners of the window have little while boxes to make the whole window an exact rectangle.
    • Giveaway 3: Look at the icon of the Window...and look at the icon of the currently open window. Not a match. (In fact the window currently open is notepad ++)
    • Giveaway 4: Ok so this is a loose one...but who really honestly has NO icons on their desktop, and sod all running in the system tray?
    • It's also such a low quality image...that there's not much to even see....and that's the way it's meant to be.
  • So wait...someone advertising a keygen...actually isn't the updated version
    • What moron even makes an illegal keygen that requests to a traceable server to see if it's the latest version or not?
  • So wait....wheres an example key to use?
  • The image further on is just a general image. Obviously this didn't have that much effort put into either.
OK so I admit...a few of those didn't really mean anything on their own but put these all together and BINGO! Sure I've probably missed loads out but I don't really need anymore. Now I've done that...I must change what I said at the start. If you fall for this scam (obviously created by idiots)...imagine how moronic you would be, hmm?

But what if you don't stop there? What if you continue?

Once you've made it past the stage of skipping the adverts that gives your scammers more money, you must then sign up with Facebook. So you, the moron, would give them your details such as name, DOB, email, etc. That's more money to them when they sell your details to scammers and telemarketers. You must also sign up to these "giveaways" where you must put in A LOT of VERY PERSONAL information to people you don't know to get "a chance of winning a car" that probably doesn't exist. Again, more money for someone for selling to someone. At the end of the day, this will probably cost you more time and money than it's worth. (And quite frankly, so would it have done for me writing this).

And quite honestly...I didn't bother going any further. I really hope this has been useful and worth it. Tell everyone you know (at least the ones who would fall for it) to make sure they don't.

The game is out on PS3 via PSN on the 23rd of May with the disc coming out on the 25th (which is still available for pre-order). The PS Vita will get it on 13th June. The PC version is still yet unannounced as to when exactly and any estimates would only be speculation but it will be later this year. This is due to glitches and Supermassive needing a distributer (Thanks for that info Peripherus)


CuberToy said...

I have no icons on my desktop actually :p (but I do have a shorcuts menu in my taskbar)

It was foolish to fall on that one though, but y'now, some people actually can't see when its bad photoshop (look at all the poor, stretched, crappy images all over the internet...) as a graphist, I can't understand how such images can be made without no ona noticing the poor quality of it.

Bram Janssen said...

Can't blame people for wanting the game I guess.
I played it at the Doctor Who convension and it is an awesome game!!!