Saturday, 26 May 2012

Doctor Who Fanzine: Eleventh Hour - Pre-order Online!

This comes directly from their website:

After four months of compiling content, in two weeks copies of Eleventh Hour will be posted out! Eleventh Hour is a celebration of Matt Smith’s first season as the Eleventh Doctor featuring interviews with those involved and much more. Learn behind the scenes tales, opinions on the season and more!

Inside the exciting first volume includes…

  • Interviews with actors, directors and More!
  • S5 Inspected  - a series overview by Matt Powell and Tom Shearsmith
  • Cosplay articles

You can pre-order it here! Plus anyone who now pre-orders now will receive several audio files of the interviews:

Notice: This is a fan-magazine and is for non profit the price only reflects the cost of professional printing and posting to your destination.

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