Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jenna-Louise Coleman's Character is NOT called Susan Tyler - IMDB Rant #456

Recently, Someone has edited the IMDB to say that Jenna-Louise Colemans character will be named "Susan Tyler". Obviously, this is fake and someone is trolling but what scares me the most about it is the sheer volume of people who have believed it and spreading it as fact or just spreading it at all. We've had numerous emails about it and after looking at the #doctorwho twitter feed, there are many a people who seem to follow suit.

IMDB is about as editable as Wikipedia and you wouldn't trust that would you? Well don't trust IMDB, at least not for upcoming shows. Sure it is a great source for past shows though.

After all...This is the same site that gives things like this:
And not forgetting that John Simm had to tell everyone just to stop everyone from believing IMDB that he is returning to Doctor Who.
We've also had things like there being a young Lucy Saxon in A Good Man Goes To War, The Rani returning in Series 5, and a plethora of people (such as Omega, Tom Baker, Nicholas Briggs, Alex Kingston and John Simm) returning for the series 6 Christmas Special and The Watcher and Davros returning in Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways series 1 finale. Have I made my point yet?

So here's the solution: Log into IMDB and correct it yourself and don't think anything more of it.


Jamie Cathrine said...

Watch Tom Bakers final story and you'll get who the watcher is.

Farsighted said...

It's Clara, after all.

James Walker said...

it probably is fake. but i don't get where you get "obviously fake" unless you know for a fact what her name is.

besides, she's chameleon. 

Guy Lambert said...

"The Watcher (whoever that is)" - come on man, know your Who! ;-)

J.a. Arroyo said...

 The Watcher helped the Tom Baker (4) regenerate into Peter Davison (5) Doctor.