Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Doctor Who: The Dalek Project Cover and Details

Doctor Who The Dalek Project
By Justin Richards
1917: The Great War is at its fiercest and most terrible.
But things are about to get even worse.
Armaments manufacturer Lord Hellcombe has a new secret weapon he believes will win the war.
But when the Doctor witnesses the final demonstration he begins to realize how much danger everyone is in: Lord Hellcombe claims to have invented the Dalek! Except, of course, that nothing is quite what it seems.
Now, the Doctor and his new friends must draw on every type of early 20th century technology and every element of human ingenuity and bravery if they are to discover the truth – and survive – to prevent the entire Western Front of World War One from becoming part of The Dalek Project!


Shawn Lunn said...

Looks good but sort of sounds like a rethread of Victory Of The Daleks to an extent.

Robert Cyberman said...

Certainly does Shawn.  Whats the bet that this Lord Hellcombe who claims to have invented the Daleks, is himself a robot that is also a bomb :)

chrisalderman said...

i was under the impression that this was scrapped completely and replaced with "The Only Good Dalek", i guess not!

Whopix said...

IIRC you`re right chrisalderman, it was originally meant to be for Tennant`s Doctor but got canned for being to similar to Victory