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Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 4 'Cubed' Round-up

Most of these details can be found in our side-bar page 'Doctor Who Series 7 Chart', but this post series will adapt from them and provide a wider spectrum of information about that episode, this one focuses on the final episode to be filmed by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Douglas Mackinnon
D.O.P.: Gavin Struthers 
Staring: Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Mark Williams (Brian Williams), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart), Barnaby Edwards (Monk), Andy Jones ( Royal Mail Postman)

Synopsis: The TARDIS Lands back on earth with a rather special alien - an Ood! Small black cubes that have a deadly bite - They cause illnesses in their victims. UNIT Are sent in to investigate what happens, The Doctor in pure disbelief sees someone he never thought he would - The Brigadier's daughter, Kate Stewart. Not only does one of the faithful trio get infected, but little is known about these boxes. Without knowing about it they cannot hope to save the 'Infected one', their only hope lies with a little girl who knows more than she seems.... (Written up, and based upon fan reports).

Filming pictures:

In this scene Amy and Rory hang out of their Window and shout down to Rory's Dad (Mark Williams) the following dialogue:
"Is it safe?", they both ask. Rory's dad shouts "Is it safe?" (he then gestures) "Yes, it's safe!"

This is indicating to a small black box which plays a big part of the episode. It is said it contain a virus which attacks it's victims, one will apparently infect the Doctor.

There has also been several reports of an ood being seen on set which can be confirmed by the two following pictures.

This is the classic Ood get up of
grey trousers and black under-jumper
The Ood translator and Head is clearly
visible in this photo.
Regular Dalek Operator Barnaby Edwards will make his second appearance in this series in the form of a Monk (Not Headless). Barnaby had make-up applied to his face to make it appear paler and was seen filming in a local face with Matt Smith.

Regular Extra Andy Jones was also seen on set playing his regular Royal Mail Postman role. He also featured as the postman in The Impossible Astronaut and Amy's Choice.

In this scene the TARDIS Lands and the Doctor opens up the light of the TARDIS to change its bulb, as he is doing so he is also on the phone to Amy/Rory. The Dialogue from this scene is as follows:

"Hello Pond, me again.. I dropped your Ood back home. He’s been missing his hive mind… yeah… the helmic regulator’s on the blink again, it got hit by an arrow!”

Now ponder away about Episode 4! :)

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