Monday, 4 June 2012

Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice book due for release this August

Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice, written by Stephen Baxter, stars the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe as BBC Books first return to Classic Doctor Who. Read the synopsis below:

 She had no name. She had only her mission - she would return Home. And bathe in the light of a long-dead sun... Even if it meant the sacrifice of this pointless little moon to do it. The Wheel of Ice: a ring of ice and steel turning around a moon of Saturn, home to a colony mining minerals for a resource-hungry future Earth. A bad place to grow up.

The Wheel has been plagued by problems. Maybe it's just gremlins, just bad luck. But what's the truth of the children's stories of 'Blue Dolls' glimpsed aboard the gigantic facility? And why won't the children go down the warren-like mines? And then sixteen-year-old Phee Laws, surfing Saturn's rings, saves an enigmatic blue box from destruction. Aboard the Wheel, The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find a critical situation - and three strangers who have just turned up out of nowhere look like prime candidates to be accused of sabotage ...

The Doctor finds himself caught up in a mystery that goes right back to the creation of the solar system. But it's a mystery that could have dire repercussions for the people on the Wheel. It's a mystery that could kill them all.
The Wheel of Ice will be released on 16th August, and will be featured as a £16.99 hardback and as an audiobook for £13.25

Looking ahead at brand new Classic Doctor Who books, we have the Third Doctor novel, Harvest of Time by Alistair Reynolds due for release in 2013.


S. George Lee said...

I am beyond stoked that they are releasing new "classic" Doctor novels again!

Shane Anderson said...

Stephen Baxter is one of my favourite authors, but he hasn't done fan fiction before, nor has he explained why he has decided to do this. 

Hopefully he can bring some hard scifi into the doctor who world.  Big finish audio drama's focus on dialogue, the new tv series focus on character stories...  

Releasing new classic series novels with a plot focus (and sprinkles of hard scifi) is a move that I would definitely be interested in.  Even if I wasn't a doctor who fan I would be checking this out as I do with all Baxter's works.  

This one has me genuinely excited.  However, I do wonder if I am the only one.

Shane Anderson said...

 Oops, actually Stephen Baxter wrote The Time Ships, an authorised sequel
to HG Wells The Time Machine.  It's also one of his best.  So he has
done fan fiction before, and it was amazing.