Thursday, 28 June 2012

More Doctor Who Series 7 Info revealed from DWM

A few more details on Series 7 of Doctor Who have been revealed from the issue 449 of the official Doctor Who Magazine.

Firstly, Mark Gatiss' episode, to air in 2013, will be directed by Douglas Mackinnon and will feature a line-up of actors including Big stars David Warner and Liam Cunningham.
Warner is famous for his roles in TV programmes such as Mad Dogs and has many film credits including Titanic, The original Tron and Planet of the Apes. David does already have a presence in the Doctor Who universe, He appeared in the 2009 Animated mini-Series Dreamland as Lord Azlok and also has featured in several Big Finish Audio Dramas.
Liam Cunningham has also had a enlightening career, with appearances in Game of Thrones and will be Appearing in Merlin later this year. He has also starred in films such as Clash of the Titans and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

DWM have also confirmed that Jessica Raine will appear in Neil Cross' episode which is Directed by Jamie Payne and is thought to be Episode 11 of Series 7 which will air in 2013.


James Walker said...

add warner to the list of Trek/Who alumni as well as he was in Undiscovered Country.

also, i'm glad Cunningham is finally doing who, as it will stop me from watching game of thrones and trying to figure out what doctor who episode he's from. turns out he's not. yet. so maybe i was having a flash forward.

Jonathan Holt said...

I know David Warner was in BF's, but more than that, wasn't he an alternate Doctor in them, or am I imagining that?