Monday, 4 June 2012

Support Big Finish with Doctor Who Magazine's Big Finish Promotion

Recently, Doctor Who Magazine and Big Finish have joined up to provide some of Big Finishes productions available for download at a reduced price. They are firstly offering up The Revenants up for free download and those listed below for £5/$5 each for all. All but Shada are available for download.

  • Here be Monsters
  • The Memory Cheats
  • The Doll of Death
  • The Pyralis Effect
  • Circular Time
  • The Nowhere Place
  • Night Thoughts
  • Situation Vacant
  • Shada
  • The Tao Connection

To access this offer, you can go to here and type in 1965. This will give you access. Have a listen to The Revenants and see what you think. You never know, you may like it and decide to download the others.

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