Monday, 23 July 2012

BBC Release more official Doctor Who Experience photos

The BBC have released even more official photos of the Doctor Who Experience, this time showing us inside and taking a look at some of the exhibits...even a photo of the cafe! To take a look at them all, click here.

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Paul Aspel said...

i went on Sunday and had a great time, my Daughter also loved it. the interactive part was great fun which also contained what might be a potentially huge *SPOILER* (don't read anymore if you don't want to know about the interactive experience!)

in the area pictured above with the white Dalek a space battle happens between the new paradigm Daleks and the old style Davros Daleks. a Dalek war seems to have started. I'm wondering if this is something made especially for the interactive show or whether it might be something we hear more about in the first episode of the new season "Asylum of the Daleks"??