Saturday, 28 July 2012

New Trailer of Doctor Who to air within the week

The BBC have confirmed the rumour of a Doctor Who trailer to air soon on BBC One. The new Doctor Who Series 7 trailer will air on BBC One at 8pm, Thursday 2nd August.

It is currently unknown what the trailer will contain, it could contain clips just from the very first episode, Asylum of the Daleks, but the likelihood is that it will be for episodes 1-5 of Series 7.

Expect the trailer to be posted on the blood within the hour of it airing, all things going well.


I'd also like to quickly on a side-note apologise for being away right now...but I'm at the UK Youth Parliament Annual Sitting in Nottingham and cannot post much, regular news posting should resume on Monday.


PEDROM Muñoz Ruiz said...

At last...

dalek1099dw said...

I never knew you were part of the UKYP I use to be part of it.