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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jenna Louise Coleman Doctor Who Companion name revealed?

The full name of the companion (portrayed by Jenna Louise Coleman) is...

 Clara Oswin.

The Character herself is a feisty and flirty computer expert - and is said to be more than a match for The Doctor.

We have seen filming of Clara in Victorian clothing in more than 1 episode, both featuring Madame Vastra and Jenny.


Edit: As much as I, Skaro, don't like the Daily Mirror...I just feel like this is true. - I know PCJ Disagrees.


Combom Pazza said...

it a bit "Yorkshire", unless it will turn out top mean something in high gallifreyan or something?

riftmaster said...

It sounds like a name the Moff would create. But we all know how bad the Daily Mirror are for making up stories

Desareilla said...

I can't wait for the new series/season to begin. (Tick Tock)

Andrew Davies-Land said...

i think its true, their has been word from filming that the doctor is running off to find someone called clara from dialouge heard on set