Thursday, 16 August 2012

Doctor Who Baby Name Boom

I shall name him Rory!
Now for some lighter Doctor Who news, according to baby names revolving around Doctor Who has increased since 2011. Names like Amelia jumped from number five to the number one spot in the popularity between 2010 and 2011. A massive 5054 babies were named Amelia in 2011. Rory went from 132 to 110, River 1792 to 1239(Really who names a kid River?)

Even actor/actress names, have increased 
like Matt from 1425(2009) to 1124(2011) but who's(pun intended) to say if any of these have Doctor Who to blame, I'm still waiting on Bannakaffalatta to pop up as a name.


David Llewellyn said...

That's my sons name

Jason said...

I will definitely name my child Bannakaffalatta. Then I will have another one called Blon Fel Fotch Day Slitheen.

ThePowerfulBoy said...

I have a kid called River in my class (it's a guy) So some people do.

Ship's Lawyer said...

Those aren't increases!

riftmaster said...

why do I get the feeling you only wrote that so you could write her full name :P