Saturday, 25 August 2012

Doctor Who Confidential-ish Content Will be Available for Series 7

BBC3 controller Zai Bennett spoke yesterday at the Edinburgh International Television Festival defending the cutting of Doctor Who Confidential.

Last September the behind-the-scenes series Doctor Who Confidential was cancelled, to the dismay of many Doctor Who fans, even to the point of start campaign aimed at saving the show.

So way is Bennett defending its cancel? 

It simply ran out of material....

"Doctor Who Confidential had run for six series," he said. "It was a show about a show. There wasn't much more to say about how they make Doctor Who."

Though it appears Doctor Who executive producer Caro Skinner would disagree telling “I think it’s really sad that we don’t have Confidential any more because the fans are fascinated with the making of Doctor Who and the personalities involved...”

And with that she also brought good news!

She revealed that material from the new series of Doctor Who would continue to be made available to viewers via the show's official website.

“We will be doing lots of content that will be in smaller chunks on the site,” said Skinner. “It won’t be related to the Confidential brand because it was a BBC decision to let that go. But we have a team of people on set coming up with some really fun features.” 

As a huge fan of Doctor Who Confidential I'm glad and can't wait to see what they have in store, and as always we shall bring it to you as soon as it shows up!

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