Thursday, 16 August 2012

Doctor Who Magazine Explores Unmade Sarah Jane Adventures Episodes with New Special Edition

Out today is the Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: The Sarah Jane Adventures Companion Volume 3,  which explores the unmade stories that were planned for the latter half of Series 5 and beyond.

Andrew Pixley, who wrote and researched for this volume as well as the many other Doctor Who Special Editions, has very kindly sent in an introduction of the publication:

"The latest "Doctor Who Magazine" Special Edition focusses very heavily on the unmade scripts and storylines for "The Sarah Jane Adventures" which - since the sad and tragically early death of Elisabeth Sladen will now never be made. Over the years that the magazine has been covering the show, it's been possible to build up strong ties with many of the writers involved in the making of the series, and without exception they were all massively keen to help us out with a tribute to Lis and the programme. Clayton Hickman and Gareth Roberts provided us with draft scripts for the next projected story, "Meet Mr Smith", a wonderfully warm and witty little tale which we've been able to present as a full scene breakdown with many choice examples of their sparkling dialogue. Following this came "The Thirteenth Floor" - one of the most astounding scripts I've ever read - which Phil Ford was kind enough to share with us; in particular, the special contains some extremely exciting news about this particular serial. Then finally, Russell T Davies enthusiastically pulled together his thoughts on what would have been the wrap-up for that phase of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" in the climactic "The Battle of Bannerman Road"; you can understand from the way that Russell writes why this series was such a success from the amazing passion and feeling he puts into his work. The features on all these stories have been augmented by some stunning artwork from Adrian Salmon and also some very beautiful layouts from Peri Godbold. The same is true of a section on the Untold Tales where we discuss with the production team how the show may have been revamped for the sixth series, and we also take a look at over 20 other storylines or scripts developed for the recent series as well as the aborted live interactive and animated projects conceived for Halloween 2011."

"The issue also contains the full transcript of an interview conducted with Lis in 1993 by my dear friend Kevin Davies. This was the first time I had ever met Lis, and reading this again reminds me of how very kind she was to me. She was an amazing lady, starred in an amazing series, and I hope that this magazine so beautifully crafted by Tom, Peter and the guys down at Panini is a fitting tribute to both the actress and the series that she starred in."

The Doctor Who Magazine Sepcial Edition: The Sarah Jane Adventures Companion Volume 3 is released today, priced £4:99 and can be bought from WH Smiths and newsagents. 


Mujtaba Walji said...

Will they ever sell the scripts of the rest of the series?

Anonymous said...

It would be fantastic if Big Finish could fashion these into Audio Adventures itch the surviving cast - there are many audits done with the companions telling the story, so that the lines of the Doctor - or in this case Sarah Jane - would be told by the others. Certainly it could work. And turning them into novels is

Fezmeister said...

It's an excellent special, but it's quite annoying that the fifth story of Series 5, "The Thirteenth Floor" only has a very short synopsis dedicated to it. It's put down to the fact that the script will be adapted for Wizards vs Aliens, so they don't want to spoil it. Understandable, but irksome, especially when "The Thirteenth Floor" is repeatedly described as a story that would have pushed both the show and Rani and Clyde to their limits.

Spoiler because aaaah!!!: Sky would have been revealed as the child of the Trickster and left at the end of Series 5!