Saturday, 4 August 2012

Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Analysis - Part 1

This post, and any other trailer analysis will contain spoilers, some of which might not have been seen in the trailer itself and have been referenced about in discussion of the current frame.

The first shot (above) is rather obviously the TARDIS flying away from Earth, Unknown episode.

This one is rather obvious. Amy and Rory are trapped in a 'Cell' after being captured by 2 Dalek slaves, and Rory is seen looking out at a huge fleet of Dalek Ships (Note: These are only New-Series ships, no sign of any classics)

Amy doesn't look that impressed with Rory - could be because of the situation we have seen them in during filming, a Marriage crisis.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory on a Dalek lift, accompanied by 2 Daleks, they are being led up to a large room featuring thousands of New-Series Daleks and several Drone Paradigm Daleks.

 The Doctor, Amy and Rory are now in one of the main Dalek rooms surrounded by thousands of Daleks, the doctor is proclaiming "You've got me..." and is questioning what the Daleks want. They clearly need him for something otherwise they would have exterminated him by this point.

BBC...When must you learn you can flip shots to be 'to match' with other shots, but with Daleks it doesn't work...we, as Who fans can notice a backwards-Dalek in a blink of an eye...

The entire room is now revealed to be full of Daleks (mostly New-Series) and they (The Doctor, Amy and Rory) appear to be in the middle next to the TARDIS. The Circular structure appears to match the layout of the lift we saw the gang go up earlier in the trailer.

Some sort of space-station appears to be hovering above Earth, it is unknown which episode this from but it is most likely to be form episode 2. It could be the Bar that David Bradley's character (Soloman) (apparently) owns which are guarded by 2 robots seen in a previous trailer.

This shot was very awkward to pin-point at a good frame because I wanted to fit in all 3 Dinosaurs in one single shot. This appears to be on a space-station which has a similar design type to the one we saw in the previous shot.

(To be continued on the next post)


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The Gene Genie said...

Could you please do an analysis for some of the other episodes?