Saturday, 4 August 2012

Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Analysis - Part 2

This post, and any other trailer analysis will contain spoilers, some of which might not have been seen in the trailer itself and have been referenced about in discussion of the current frame.

I must say...before I analyse this one, it makes a great Wallpaper.
The Doctor is shining his torch on the dinosaurs just seen in the previous frame. It appears he is surprised by their arrival on a spaceship and states "Dinosaurs....on a spaceship..." before Amy goes upto him and drags him away... (Good old faithful Amy...)

"We're very cross with you..." - Two (very comical sounding) robots guarding an entrance to the place Soloman (David Bradley) owns. 

The Doctor seems pretty angry at this point in Episode 3, A Town Called Mercy, and is seen shouting "Today, I honour the victims first. His (The Reckoner), The Master’s, the Daleks’ – all the people who died because of MY mercy!." However Amy quickly puts him back in his place by stating "See, this is what happens when you travel alone for too long.".

Riddell (a recruit of the Doctor) with a gun, arming himself ready to shoot something (probably a Dinosaur) in Episode 2, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

Surely by now we know who she is? If not, she is Queen Nefertiti, another one of the Doctor's recruits, and she seems quite impressed by Riddell's skills with a gun. 

Unless this episode is set during some ruptured time period then the advertisements indicated show that it is present day and Amy and the Doctor are walking down Time Square. The Question is, where's Rory? I'm sure the next part of the analysis will tell us...


doctorwhofan82 said...

I'd say Nefertiti looked far from impressed by riddells gun work! As if he is trying to woo her and she is seeing straight through it!

Gloucester Shrubhill said...

One of the robots is, without doubt, David Mitchell.