Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Doctor Who TARDIS Dress and Leggings

Attention ladies(Or gents we don't judge) you can now love Doctor Who and show it with these fashionable new clothes items from Black Milk!(I'm holding out for the swimsuit)

First we have the TARDIS mini dress for 99.00 AUD or 67.00 GBP or 105.00 USD.

More information and pictures here.

Second the very sexy TARDIS leggings will run you 75.00 AUD or 51.00 GBP or 79.00 USD

You can get more info and pictures here.

I know there is a bigger on the inside joke here, but I won't be the first one to make it. PCJ?


pcjonathan said...

For once, can I not be the really creepy guy? Please?

David Morgan said...

No. No you can not.

pcjonathan said...

Fine. Here goes:

I bet those holes are bigger on the inside than the outside and I can't wait to fill them with my sonic screwdriver to test how far they stretch.

Happy now?

Kinkoman said...

Gross PCJ just gross, no one is happy with that.

Hannah Kuehne said...