Sunday, 26 August 2012

Moffat Talks about Money and Doctor Who's Life Span

At the International Edinburgh Television Festival Steven Moffat talked a little about Doctor Who's money and budget situation, defending the budget and making no complaints.

"The schedule and the pressure of trying to do Doctor Who on any budget - including Avatar's - is horrific," he said. "I am never, ever going to say I've got enough [money] that's like asking, 'Would you like to be more happy?'... Doctor Who is incredibly well looked after by the BBC - they are incredibly aware of its crown jewel status, that it's not merely a show that's successful now." 

He then went on to say he sees the show out living everyone.

"I truly believe it could be a show that outlives everybody in this room. It could carry on that long, so it doesn't just make money now it'll make money forever. "

And to finish it off Moffat joked.

'Of course I'd like more money, [just as I'd like] to be happier, thinner and more handsome!' 

He also talked about the fact that The Doctor may be female one day, but I think we've heard enough about that in the past.


Fa T Stephen said...

...does this mean that somehow Big Bang 2 has fvcked w/ the fact that Time Lords have a finite amount of regenerations? Because we're coming pretty close to the end of The Doctor otherwise (Time Lords can only have 13 forms).
Also is there any talk of The Valeyard? He's a much older character, but appeared toward the end of the Doctor's existence.

Desareilla said...

Keep up the good work.

Belle said...

Love how all your questions are being at least somewhat addressed in the 50th ani. xD