Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pictures from 'Asylum of the Daleks' New York Screening

BBC America posted some photos from the New York screening of Asylum of the Daleks. They also said more to come. But here is what they have now:

Amy and The Doctor arrive in a Delorean! Ah geek heaven!

I love his 'OMG ITS AMY' face, I made a similar one when I met her!

They also said this about the episode:

"We won’t spoil the episode, but “Asylum of the Daleks” ranks with Steven Moffat‘s best installments. (Actually, and I’m going out of the limb, it’s arguably his greatest achievement on the show. Certainly on par with “Blink.”) It’s a hilarious, terrifying tearjerker that delivers peak performances from all of the cast, and, yes, it features the Daleks at the scariest they’ve been in years. Seeing the episode on the big screen only amplified its impact. It was no surprise that nearly all 1,100 in the audience leaped to their feet when the end credits rolled."

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