Tuesday, 11 September 2012

And the Winners are.....

Hey its that time! We got a lot more entries then I thought we would, and they are still coming, why? I don't know, oh another, and another.... Ok you can stop now really this contest is over there will be another one next week....

As for our winners this week I sent you both emails and ordered the prizes from Amazon(for the US winner) and Amazon UK for well the UK winner....

They are as follows:

Justin H: You won a copy of Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs


Ian C: You won a copy of Doctor Who: The Beginning

Now if you entered and your name happens to match but didn't get an email, its not you but another person with the same name(I didn't want to put last names). If you got an email please reply to it so I know you got it, please and thank you!

As for next week it will be handled a little differently, there will still be a classic DVD prize, but the post will be a little different and the question a little harder, the first one is always easy(pst no one got it wrong I'm too easy on you all)

And I'm working on another giveaway(details later) just cause I love you all!!!!

This all is a big thanks for reading to let you all know that without you readers we would be just a bunch of crazy people raving about a show and no one listening! So thanks, cause of you we are just a bunch of crazy people raving about a show and with people listening! So thanks and keep reading!!!!!

Lots of normal love(not creepy love that comes from PCJ),

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