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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Clip of Doctor Who being the Specialist Subject on Last Night's Mastermind

List of questions (courtesy of Bleeding Cool):

  • Peter Hawkins and David Graham provided the original voices for which of the Doctor’s adversaries when they made their debut in the second story of series one?
  • In which story in series five does The Doctor use his sonic screwdriver for the first time?
  • What character did Colin Baker play in Arc of Infiinty prior to becoming the sixth Doctor?
  • Which actress who later found fame in East Enders played Lady Elaanor in the series eleven story The Time Warrior?
  • Whcih story was the first to be trasmitted twice a week in the early evening on a Monday and Tuesday?
  • Who provided the voice of K9 in the last three boradcast stories in series seventeen in place of John Leeson?
  • What was Kit Pendalls unofficial role on the series during Jenny Davis’ time as story editor prior to their writing collaboration?
  • The second epsiode in this series eleven story features a lenghty chase sequence involving various vehicles including a speedboat a hovercraft and a gyrocpter. Which was the sotry?
  • What was the title of episode seven of The Dalek’s Masterplan that was broadcast on Christmas Day 1965 as a Christmas pantomime episode?
  • William Hartnell played The Doctor and which other character in the series three story The Massacresof St. Barthelomew’s Eve?
  • When Tom Baker declined to appear in The Five Doctors he was featured in the story by using clips from which uncompleted series seventeen story written by Douglas Adams?
  • Who was originally cast as Captain Striker in Enlightenment but was unable to fulfil his commitment when filming was delayed by industrial action?
  • The design of which robot in The Happiness Patrol drew complaints from the chairman of a Birtish company due to similarity to their mascot?
  • Which actress appeared with the first Doctor as both a royal relative and a short lived companion and later returned as an adversary of the seventh Doctor?
  • James Acheson has said that fashions in the paintings of a well-known artist influenced his design of Tom Baker’s costume. Who was the artist?
How many did you get right?


The Knights Blog said...

What was Kit Pendalls unofficial role on the series during Jenny Davis’ time as story editor prior to their writing collaboration?

Umm its Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis not what you have written down

Guest said...

Also, the classic show is always referred to as seasons 1-26, not series, to avoid confusion with the new show. And now I can't stop imagining Peter Hawkins doing the voice of Cassandra's mechanical spiders…