Sunday, 30 September 2012

Doctor Who The Angels Take Manhattan - Overnight Viewing Figures

Overnight Viewing Figures for The Angels Take Manhattan show the episode achieved 5.9 million viewers with a 29.6% share of the total TV audience.

Doctor Who was the second highest rated programme for the day with The X Factor gaining 8.7 million viewers on ITV1, but topped BBC One for the day with Casualty getting 3.7 million viewers. Red or Black lost out on the time slot against Doctor Who with 3.5 million viewers.

More viewers switched over to Doctor Who throughout the episode to witness the departure of Amy and Rory with a peak of 6.4 million in the final 5 minutes of the programme.

These ratings put Doctor Who 19th for the week with Sunday's ratings still to come. The final consolidated figures will be available next week.

Asylum of the Daleks - 6.4 million (overnight) 8.3 million (final figure)
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship -  5.5 million (overnight) 7.57 million (final figure)
A Town Called Mercy - 6.6 million (overnight) 8.42 million (final figure)
The Power of Three - 5.49 million (overnight) TBA (final figures) 

The Angels Take Manhattan - 5.9 million (overnight) TBA (final figures) 


James said...

I think the only reason it is 3rd is because many people didn't want to see Amy and Rory leaving

Matthew Bagnall said...

Nope. Script quality declined over the episodes.

Asylum of the Daleks had Daleks so the ratings are bound to be high.

The dinosaur episode everyone viewed as filler so views dropped until word of mouth spread - becoming the final view figure.

A town called Mercy got even higher ratings because the Doctor was emotional in the trailer for that episode - whenever the Doctor might end up losing it and killing someone draws in views.

The power of three was once again a filler episode so views plummeted.

Meanwhile The Angels take Manhattan was overly disappointing with a trailer that showed off pretty much all the twists except the predictable graveyard ending.

Final figures will look something like this;