Saturday, 8 September 2012

Less than 1 hour to go - 12 Teasers for Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

It's almost upon us so here's some last teasers for the episode.
  • “Just my balls.”
  • “The Dr. Doctor”.
  • “Oh I’m so scared. Actually I might be, a little bit of oil just came out.”
  • The Doctor is worthless.
  • “Where are the brakes?”
  • Rory gets a kiss. Then a few quick slaps. Neither from Amy.
  • “You clearly need a man of action and excitement, one with a very large weapon”
  • “No. No debts. You don’t owe me anything”
  • “Brian Pond, You are delicious”
  • “That’s phase two sorted. Now for phase one”
  • “Never stop pressing buttons”
  • "On any other occasion, I'd be thrilled. Exposed on a beach? Not as thrilled. We should be going…….RUN!”

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