Saturday, 29 September 2012

Watch Doctor Who The Angels Take Manhattan LIVE!

Change of plans this season. This time, we will hopefully be featuring videos like below while we try to find usable urls for VLC, etc. Don't forget, Live streams are generally really bad quality. don't complain and wait for the proper stuff. The Episode begins at 19:20 GMT, the stream will begin shortly before.


The main stream is courtesy of TARDISBlue. You can click here to go to their site or here for the main stream page.
Alternative links are below. On most of these, they may have boxes in the way. Just click the close button on them. On some, there are also multiple streams so don't forget to change if they stop working.

Downloading, etc will be up later.

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anna2smith said...

hello i think this is a great site my cousin Matt really likes when people make page's like this it shows that you care about the show. he says "hello", well i got to go its been a lot of fun remember keep claim and don't blink! ha ha good time's