Saturday, 1 September 2012

What to expect from us & How to stay up to date

Livestream of episode links
Download links SD & HD - Direct for a limited time only
Download links SD & HD - Hosted
Streaming link to DWM - SD & HD
Next Time Trailer (again, in HD)
Extra videos from website
Unreleased music (This won't be instant, it takes a while)
Review of following episode (this may be delayed till midnight or later)
1080p Screenshots of episode (again, won't be instant, these take a while to process/upload)

To stay up to date with everything, you have the following options:

Follow us on Twitter: @CombomBlog
Follow us on Facebook here.

While we are here, you can also follow our authors also.

PCJonathan - Twitter/Zowbux
Skaro - Twitter
KinkomanWho - Twitter
Ellis - Twitter

Since the streaming links are to DWM, you can follow their Twitter and Facebook account too.

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