Saturday, 6 October 2012

Doctor Who Dominates BBC iPlayer Requests For September

Doctor Who dominated the listings for BBC iPlayer for September 2012, with over 8 million accessing the show at some point during the month.

Top of the list was the series opener, Asylum Of The Daleks, which has been available for almost the entire month, achieved over 2.2 million requests. The episode was by far the most requested programme on BBC iPlayer for September.

The next three episodes, which were available for fewer days, took the next three places in the chart with Dinosaurs On A Spaceship having 1.8 million requests, A Town Called Mercy having 1.4 million requests and The Power Of Three having 1.3 million accessing the episode.

The Angels Take Manhattan was 7th in the list, with 0.92 million requests, despite only being available for the last 28 hours of the month.

Asylum Of The Daleks currently stands as the fifth most accessed programme of the year. 

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Aaron said...

My favorite series ever. For those who want to watch Doctor Who on BBC outside of UK, you can use Unotelly to bypass the geo-block.