Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Classic Doctor Who DVDs/Blu-ray Releases Announced

Doctor Who Magazine have confirmed, in their latest issue the following releases.

The most prominent one would be Spearhead from Space on Blu-ray. This is most likely going to be the only Blu-ray release from the classics. This is because it is the only story to be completely filmed on 16mm film and to fully exist.

This marks the second re-release of this story, and is set to include a Jon Pertwee biography called 'A Dandy and a Cown: The Life of Jon Pertwee, naturally in HD as well. Chris Chapman has also announced that this documentary will feature plenty of brand new footage of Jon Pertwee and is currently around 42 minutes long (around the same as a new series episode) making it the longest documentary made so far.

The following are also on the list for DVD releases:

  • 7 Janurary: The Legacy Boxset
    • Shada. This one is basically a restored of the VHS sets. 
  • 28 January: Reign of Terror
  • 18 Feburary: Ark in Space SE
  • 11 March: The Aztecs SE
    • This includes the recently recovered episode Airlock
  • 25 June: Terror of the Zygons


The Knights Blog said...

Terror of the Zygons not until June 25th. That sucks and no word on the The Mind Evil either. Not liking having to buy the Aztecs again to get the recovered episode. But am looking forward to Spearhead From Space Blu Ray.

Jason said...

Can't believe its taken them this long to release Terror of the Zygons. Ah well, once its out they'll have released every episode of Doctor Who ever on DVD! Apart from the lost episodes, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they make classic dr.who box sets for each year? Like an archival collection. Seasons that are incomplete could just be combined with other seasons like: dr. Who seasons 1,2,&3. I don't care if the images and sound are crappy. I just want every episode and piece of episode available without having to fill an entire bookshelf with dvds and vhs's of region 1's and 2's.