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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hello Sexy! - BBC Unveil the Complete New TARDIS Interior in New Promotional Photo

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Sam said...

What is the source of these images? I've tried finding them on the old dwimage2005 site but that's apparently been taken down. Shame, as they had such lovely, overly-large sizes to choose from.

Brian Baier said...

I'm an older fan, so I dig it. The best thing about the old intimate control rooms is that you can't get away from the others so well while traveling, unless you go elsewhere in the TARDIS. So, here's hoping there is more of 'Sexy' to explore this year.

pcjonathan said...

Same place as the old dwimage2005 used to get them. Straight from the BBC Pictures website.

Tony Fyler said...

Retro 80s console - hmm. Looks a little shabby. Instruments around the barrier - newish and interesting. Half and half walls - nod to the new with the blue lit roundels, nod to the old with the hexagons. Looks a little schizophrenic to me, but then, so did the 11th Doctor's first console room. Much prefer the outfit though. It'll be interesting to see whether he's only wearing it because he's living in Victorian times, or whether he sticks with the deeply retro Victorian look going forward. And for gods' sakes, keep the hat!