Monday, 24 December 2012

Your Views - A New Doctor Who Title Sequence and Theme Tune

Last week we asked you for your views on what you would like from the brand new title sequence and theme tune that will début in this years Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowmen - airing Christmas Day at 5:15pm. Here are some of your thoughts...

Mick said: "Like the idea of it being more powerful but what I really would like is the middle 8 restored in the end credits."

Andrew Warren thoughts were: "I want the face would have to be really well of course the classic ones weren't amazing but they suited back then....I want the face...but that in itself is a thing of getting it right....
also no thunder or lightning...sick of that silly vortex"

Iain wanted this: "Electronic Hissing (one of the largely unrecognised reasons why the 60's intro was freakishly powerful) and no infantile lightning/thunder claps."

Max Jelbart said: "A very retro theme, and Tennant-style opening titles..."

George E. Pie explained: "I'd like the dum de dum back, no lightening and a mix of Troughton and T Baker style graphics."

Rob Claffie, @TARDIS66 on Twitter, said:  "I'm hoping for a title sequence that *isn't* the vortex. Let's have weird graphics like the first three Doctors had!"

And Finally, our very own Combom Pazza gave a light hearted answer: "full frontal nudity, and free beer!"

Thanks you to everyone for your feedback, we may be doing more things like this in the new year. But from me, have a very Merry Christmas! 
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