Sunday, 6 January 2013

BBC Sending "spies" to warn about 50th Anniversary

According to David Tennant in last nights The Jonathan Ross Show, he was confronted by someone from the BBC before going on to talk about his recent acting work. He told Jonathan Ross that they had told him "not to mention anything about the (Doctor Who) 50th Anniversary Special" despite Tennant claiming he has had no involvement in it so far.

We know that everyone involved in the 50th anniversary will has signed a legal contract not to mention anything about it, as according to Tennant they are sending "spies" to look out, despite them not being involved. But has Tennant dropped clues at fans hinting his return (therefore not breaking his contract)?

It wouldn't be the first time that he has hinted he is returning, earlier last year he stated that he "cannot confirm nor deny his involvement", in the same interview he also said "I have one of everything that I wore in hermetically sealed suit bags, squirreled away somewhere - I hope the moths haven’t got in.", talking about his previous Doctor Who costumes.

We wonder - what do you think, is Tennant hinting that he is returning in the 50th Anniversary?

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Oh yes, please please !!!!