Sunday, 10 March 2013

Amy and Rory not returning to Doctor Who

Matt Smith's original companions will not be returning, it seems.

‘You could never eliminate the possibility of dream sequences and flashbacks,’ Moffat said in an interview, ‘But will the Doctor see them again? No.’

He said he was pleased by the 'proper ending' given in The Angels Take Manhattan.

‘Bringing back things just gives you sequel-itis. Just end it and get out. Heaven knows if they’ll appear in some form of flashback – I have no plans to do that I have to say – but the story of Amy and The Doctor is definitively over.’

Looks like another set of old companions crossed off the list for the 50th, then!


Forrest said...

Well in 20 years (if the world lasts that long), when there's a new director of Dr Who, I can see them returning. After all, if I remember right, the Doctor couldn't revisit 1938 NYC, but he could visit 1958 NYC with a new face that Amy & Rory wouldn't recognize. Sorta like how he met up with Sarah Jane a 2nd time. So maybe Moffat won't do it, but the next guy in charge could pull it off really really easy for the next generation of fans.

Mercy said...

I dont see why the doctor couldnt visit them with some other time travel device

Jason said...

It's not about that. If Steven Moffat wanted them to make a reappearance then he could just find a way - but he doesn't want to, because that'd ruin the ending of The Angels Take Manhatten.

TreyLane said...

If only Moff had felt this way about River Song...a year or 2 ago.