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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Davison in talks with BBC Wales

Peter Davison was at fan convention Mysticon and may have revealed some very intriguing news about the 50th anniversary special.

He said, "I've got a meeting with the head of BBC Wales... to go through various things the BBC have got planned. I don't think she's going to offer me a part in it... I might be wrong."

He continued, ""I honestly don't know very much. I know that Steven Moffat will have something planned. I don't think it will involve the older Doctors, certainly in their present form, because of course we're meant to look exactly as we did when we left the TARDIS and none of us really do."

Funnily enough, Davison is the only Classic Doctor to appear in a New Series multi-doctor story, in which he didn't look the same at all. One wonders if Davison knows or thinks more than he's letting on...


PastryPrincess said...

There had better be older Doctors, Moffat knows he'll upset the fans if he doesn't bring any older ones back.

Tom Shearsmith said...

But should he have to 'please fans' by giving them what THEY want, he runs the show, he listens to fans, but when they demand something it seems a bit rude to demand it, especially when I'm sure what he's got planned will be great.

Ships Lawyer said...

I know what I want: "The Eleven Doctors"! It CAN be done!

Cult_Of_Skaro said...

You have greater faith in the Moff than I do.