Friday, 1 March 2013

Doctor Who The Ice Warriors to be animated for DVD

Lost episodes of Second Doctor adventure, The Ice Warriors are being animated for DVD release, on the 26th August 2013. Animation studio Qurios have been commissioned to recreate the missing episodes two and three, which see Ice Warrior leader Varga revive, kidnap Victoria and defrost his glacier-bound army.

We’ve been discussing the various ways Qurios could reconstruct these episodes for over three years” said Dan Hall, Managing Director of Pup Ltd Media Consultancy, producer of the DVD. “So it’s really, really satisfying to finally see them animated. Qurios have a great track record in excellent and innovative animations”.

A clip of the progress of the episode was provided to Doctor Who's Official 50th Anniversary website, and is linked, here.

When asked about using a different animation studio to previous releases, Hall replied, “Doctor Who has had many different visual styles thanks to changing directors, designers and production methods. We wanted to mirror this in our choice of animation partners”.

A full animated photo showing scale of all Main Characters

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Jay042 said...

I knew a guy on Deviant art who did this Doctor Who anime several years ago, and that ended up leading him to work for an animation company that was developing some stuff for the BBC, so I'm wondering if this is the project.