Monday, 18 March 2013

Doctor Who Series 7B Trailer Analysis: Part 2

Part 2 of the trailer analysis for Doctor Who Series 7 B. The following parts will be posted later tonight. Analysis will include speculation, spoilers and confirmed details. As usual all frames below are taken from the HD recording of the trailer by PCJ and can be clicked for larger versions.

These creatures are from episode 7, The Rings of Akhaten. They resemble a creature who appeared with the fifth doctor in the Classic series, but this is most likely a coincidence.

The Doctor and Clara from episode 9, Hide, Set within a haunted house. In this clip The Doctor is wandering down a corridor while Clara hangs behind with Candles...when something startles her...but what is it?

This is obviously from episode 10, Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, Clara is within the tunnels of the TARDIS, without the Doctor unlike in an earlier trailer. Clara has turned around in either sudden realization or shock.

The first official look of the Ice Warriors in action! This is from episode 8, Cold War. A few frames on a spark hits the Ice Warriors armored chest, presumably from a weapon fired by someone behind the camera.

This particular frame is from episode 10 again, Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, The Doctor, Clara and 3 soldiers are running down a corridor in the TARDIS, The Doctor is also using his sonic screwdriver in its 'torch mode'.

Clara is in the TARDIS, we are currently unsure what episode this is from, however the TARDIS is looking pretty red with either cables or roots hanging down behind her, most likely from one of the later episodes. ''Run you clever boy..."

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Jason said...

The Rings of Akhaten enemies remind me of the Seers from the fourth Doctor story, Underworld. The face is a bit different but the jackets are very similar.