Monday, 18 March 2013

Doctor Who Series 7B Trailer Analysis: Part 3

Part 3 of the trailer analysis for Doctor Who Series 7 B. The following parts will be posted later tonight. Analysis will include speculation, spoilers and confirmed details. As usual all frames below are taken from the HD recording of the trailer by PCJ and can be clicked for larger versions.

These unnamed creatures are almost certainly from the very final episode of Series 7B, there is also a grave behind them, for those interested the final 3 letters are ''ONG''.

A wonderful view of the detail on the new Cybermen, still with the iconic tearful eyes and slit shaped mouth, It appears these Cybermen have just awoken from their sleep...if they sleep...

Another look at the Cybermen from episode 12, The Last Cyberman this time at their hands. It has a silver reflecting texture that makes them appear more sleek than the Cybus-world Cybermen.

The Doctor is seen leaning down to an unknown character, judging by the veil it might be Madame Vastra, which would also mean that judging by his clothing it is from episode 11, The Crimson Horror (unconfirmed title).

This unknown creature appears in episode 7, The Rings of Akhaten, it is later seen to break the glass of its contamination/force field box.

This plane is seen hurtling towards London after its passengers and crew are sent to sleep by the wifi in episode 6, The Bells of St. John. The Doctor will soon land on it with Clara - but will they stop the crash?

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