Sunday, 31 March 2013

Skaro's 10 Doctor Who Teasers: The Rings of Akhaten

  1. Strawberry jam.
  2. "Are you lost?"
  3. Listen to the Song...
  4. The TARDIS doesn't like Clara.
  5. "Can you help me?"
  6. Grandfather's awake.
  7. A reference is made to a past companion.
  8. "Do not wake from Slumber".
  9. One of the regular characters will cry.
  10. Some familiar glasses reappear.

What do you think these 10 hints/teasers relate to, post your ideas in the comments, then come back after the episode and see how right you were!


Anthony said...

#'s 3 and 7. Not River Song please no!!

Sean said...

Well, six is right after 7, so I'm guessing the doctor mentions he was a grandfather.
And the way Clara is treating this, it's the second date. First date you have some fun. Second you get to know eachother.