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Saturday, 6 April 2013

DOWNLOAD Doctor Who Rings of Akhaten Here






As usual, all links are tried and tested working, if one does go offline, comment, and we'll replace it!


Craggy Knob said...

Thanks for the links! The episode wasn't quite up to par, sadly, but it had its moments.

Ships Lawyer said...

The Doctor keeps leaving the TARDIS door open this season. He left it open when he drove off on the motorbike and he did it again this week when he and Clara went to Mos Eisley farmer's market. Is this significant?

Alex Summers said...

Can you put on HD files that are in avi so that I can play them on my ps3

pcjonathan said...

That would take longer to put up. If you need to play HD files on your ps3, you can easily remux an mkv to an mp4, with no loss of quality within around a few minutes.
I'll try to remember putting something about this on the next download post.