Monday, 29 April 2013

Doctor Who-style TARDIS police boxes to replace police stations?

The current British Government, the Conservative party, have made a chance comment that TARDIS style Police Boxes should replace current Police stations. It has been suggested that the TARDIS proposal could be funded by closing down police stations and replacing them with "locally-embedded police offices and services".

The report said the new boxes should be “technologically enabled police contact points” with “two-way audio-visual technology” so that members of the public can report crime and anti-social behaviour, as well as make witness statements without having to visit a police station. “They could be sited in shopping centres, hospitals, even large office blocks and any other locations where the public spend a lot of time,” said the study.



Paul Aspel said...

the Conservatives are not the current Government, it the Collation Government of two parties...not that you can tell the bloody difference!

MelannieJSmith said...

Yeah, anyway, it would be weird and awesome...