Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Skaro's Spoiler Review - Doctor Who: Hide

Hide, written by Neil Cross in my opinion, was a let down in comparison to the rest of the series, but never-the less an average episode. It delivered a firm start with a good pre-title sequence, but throughout the entire episode, it felt rushed, including the introduction of the Doctor and Clara and the final moments of the "love story" episode.

The more I watch this episode the more it grows on me, and I've been hesitant to post this review, as it could be seen as rather harsh, but as of the time of posting, I still feel let down by the episode, it could have been so much more and was a love story, that had no actual fear-factor, not to me anyway.

Another thing that let down this episode was the music, we had a lot of repetition of past music from series 7, and past series, a few more new pieces would have possibly made this episode a little better. I can't comment whether this was Murray's decision or someone in the BBC's office, but something new and exciting would have been nice to hear.

One thing that can be applauded is the acting in this episode, Jenna puts on a great job, acting to nothing but a wooden box, yet somehow brought personality to both sides of the argument, even if she did call the TARDIS a cow. The guest acting was also great, Dougray Scott and Jessica Raine who played Professor Palmer and Emma Grayling, the chemistry between them wasn't great, but as individual actors, they both made each of their characters come alive, Raine more than Scott in my opinion.

Overall, I'd give this episode 6/10, giving it my lowest rating of the series, but not the worst I've ever seen, and I wouldn't skip this episode when watching, unlike episodes like Fear Her.

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