Saturday, 13 April 2013

Watch Doctor Who - Cold War Live Links

Below you can find the livestream for today's episode Cold War which airs on BBC One. Don't forget, Live streams are generally really bad quality. don't complain and wait for the proper stuff. The Episode begins at 18:00 GMT, the stream will begin shortly before.

TARDISBlue are currently experiencing difficulties and as such their usual live stream is not available. They are currently working on their new site and their solution. This will hopefully be back next week. In the meantime, you can try to use the backup links.
If you are unable to watch the episode live, we will have download links and Doctor Who Media stream links up. 

The main stream is courtesy of TARDISBlue. You can click here to go to their site, which is currently register only (and have closed for now due to technical issues)
Alternative links are below. On most of these, they may have boxes in the way. Just click the close button on them. On some, there are also multiple streams so don't forget to change if they stop working.

Downloading, etc will be up later tonight.


Matthew Bagnall said...

The was the best 11th Doctor episode so far. The Ice Warriors were portrayed almost perfectly and I'm glad they only revealed the head and hands - nice to keep some of the look to the creature hidden. Almost a perfect episode - slightly disappointed that the hands look like they're from 'War of the Worlds' though

David Gow said...

Is the start-time getting moved forward every week? It was 6:15 (11:15 my time zone), then 6, and today I checked in here at 6 and it was already over.

pcjonathan said...

It's at 6.45pm next week.