Saturday, 11 May 2013

Doctor Who: Big Finish Cyberman Weekend Offer

Big Finish have a great Cyberman story offer on for this weekend only to celebrate tonight's Doctor Who episode, Nightmare In Silver.

There are 20 Cyber-stories on offer and each one is available at £5 on CD or download (£20 for the Cyberman 2 box set), or you can buy all 20 releases for £100.

The stories on offer are:

Doctor Who: The Silver Turk
Doctor Who: Legend of the Cybermen
Doctor Who: Kingdom of Silver
Doctor Who: The Girl Who Never Was
Doctor Who: The Gathering
Doctor Who: The Reaping
Doctor Who: The Harvest
Doctor Who: Spare Parts
Doctor Who: Sword of Orion
Doctor Who: Real Time
Doctor Who - The Stageplays: The Ultimate Adventure
Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Blue Tooth
Doctor Who: Human Resources Part I
Doctor Who: Human Resources Part II
Bernice Summerfield: The Crystal of Cantus
Cyberman: Scorpius
Cyberman: Fear
Cyberman: Conversion
Cyberman: Telos
Cyberman 2

What are you waiting for!? Head over to Big Finish now to take advantage of this great offer!

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