Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 Sent Out Early, Wikipedia and Our Stance on Comments

As some of you may already be aware, the Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 release has been sent out early to some people within the United States.

While we're not entirely sure of the exact reach of this,we do know that the main retailer behind this is BBC America Shop. It is also rumoured that Amazon have also sent them out early. So far, we've only seen Blurays. We do not yet know if the DVD has been sent early or not.

Some fans are feeling extremely annoyed at this, especially as a lot of people expected it to happen. Pre-orders coming early happen all the time, so a lot of people wonder why the BBC chose to have the release date the first business day after the finale.

We first heard about this from this tumblr post, which featured some pictures. After being pressured for proof, the user later uploaded a video of the bluray.

The BBC have also announced, via the official Twitter feeds, that if people do not leak it, then there will be a special video released after the airing of The Name of the Doctor, featuring Matt Smith and David Tennant.

"A small number of US Doctor Who fans have received their series seven part two DVD three weeks early," BBC Worldwide said in a statement. "We are asking fans who may have the discs not to divulge plot details so that fellow fans who have yet to see the episodes do not have their viewing pleasure ruined." It said BBC Worldwide was "currently investigating how this has happened".

In May 2011, Moffat criticised those "who call themselves fans" who revealed crucial plot lines ahead of transmission. "You can imagine how much I hate them," he told BBC Radio 5 live. "I wish they could go and be fans of something else."

 He said it was "heartbreaking" when a fan, who had been invited to a press screening but asked not to give away spoilers, had posted the entire plot of two episodes on an internet forum "because you're trying to tell stories and stories depend on surprise". "So to have some twit who came to a press launch, write up a story in the worst, most ham-fisted English you can imagine, and put it on the internet [is heartbreaking]."

You can imagine how Moffat is currently feeling.
Other Sources:  BBC

"But I want to obtain a leaked copy!"

Don't. So far, we have noticed it has been "uploaded" twice, and both these occasions, they were fake. For the good of your computer, it's best not to look for it.

Wikipedia and the Internet

I'll say this first. THE SPOILERS ARE OUT THERE.
It is highly recommended you stay away from the internet if you are afraid of spoilers. Fans, or rather "Trolls", have been spreading the spoilers from the episode as much as they can (for example, Wikipedia and TARDIS wiki have been under attack). Me and the other moderators of /r/DoctorWho and /r/Gallifrey have also been finding it quite difficult to moderate these spoilers and related things quickly, and it's the same for more or less the entire internet. Keep clear of sites that have user submissions. It's going to be a tough week.
We have no intention on posting the full set of spoilers.

Our Stance on Comments

Due to the problem with spoilers, a lot of websites have closed their comments section. Since we do not receive a lot of comments, we have decided that, rather than closing our comments sections, we will be moderating ALL comments BEFORE they are published to the site. This is to ensure what will hopefully be as smooth a week as possible.


Quentaris said...

Thank you! And someone at BBC America needs their ass kicked!

Richard O'Neill said...

You link to illegal copies of Nightmare in Silver a couple of posts down and then post this. Bizarre.

Guywhothinksstuff said...

Thank you for being so considerate. I wish all fans (and in fact all websites) could show the same decency.

(Although I'd strongly disagree with Moff's statement that stories depend on surprise; they never have. For centuries plays would open with a prologue that would state exactly what you were going to see, and even today operas still tend to publish the plot in the programme. Good stories are good even when you know the 'surprises'. Surprises are only there for the surprise's sake,which is fine but it shouldn't be the story's raison d'etre.)

Kevin Fisher said...

Once again Moffat shows just how much he hates fans of this show. "So called fans?" Seriously? He's going to withhold a chin-wag with Tennant and Smith if people leak the ending? Oooh that'll show them. Maybe they can use this tactic against the Pirate Bay. No soup for you.


Thanks. it is hard to stay away from the trolls on some sites.

shadow said...

My thoughts on the matter:

1) Why are people horrible and want to spoil the surprises for others? I can understand wanting to discuss the episode and post spoilers for those who want to know what happens, but to go out of their way to be malicious and mean spirited? That's unfortunate.

2) Well I guess this should've been A. Thanks for looking out for the fans here at combom. I didn't realize you also moderated the two big DW reddits.(that would explain not being able to find spoilers?)

3) I understand Moffat's frustration and I think it's unfair for fans to get in a huff before even seeing an episode or basing their complaints on hearsay. BUT I feel Moffat's episodes rely a lot on crazy illogical twists to the point that he uses them as a crutch. I get why he wanted to keep this episode under wraps for as long as possible, based off of the spoilery BBC images it looks like this is will be an interesting episode to tune into!

4) Spoilers suck when they give away the entire plot detail (I kind of read the entire plot of Star Trek Into Darkness on wikipedia last week... definitely ruined some of the surprise. But I'm still going to go see it in theaters 2-3 times anyways! A lot of us are adults and should be able to make our own decisions when it comes to spoilers. I feel like last week's reading up on Star Trek Into Darkness is the only time I've ever felt disappointed after reading a spoiler, only because I was so excited for a fresh take on that universe only to be disappointed by what happens.

5) Finally, I think Moffat should be made Planetary Spoiler Czar when he retires from Who. He managed to keep all of this underwraps much, much better than anyone else of late. JJ Abrams can't even keep his stuff secret anymore. CBS gave away the giant surprise at the end of How I Met Your Mother last night on Facebook as the East Cost feed ended. Everything surrounding the Name of the Doctor has been kept secret quite well until the pre-orders shipped early! (which isn't the worst thing, I'm getting the hardcover of Scott Pilgrim vol.3 delivered by Saturday instead of next wednesday!).

Thanks for letting me vent!

Jason said...

Really? You're just trying to find reasons to hate Moffat. How does that say he hates the fans of the show? All he said was that he hates the people who leak spoilers.

Craggy Knob said...

Said comment is directed at a very small subset of fans who like to spoil the fun for everyone else. That much should be obvious. And I agree with Moffat on this. What was the point of releasing the whole story outline of The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon before their airing?

I wish somewhat though that Moffat's stories were less built around spectacle, shock surprises or were about toying with the audience, but I guess that is for better or worse his style.

That he doesn't hate all the fans should be obvious from the latest BAFTA red carpet video. He is definitely amused by their idiosyncrasies. Well I'm too, fans are funny sometimes.

Uncle Pobatti said...

Only two people have proven they have the episode early, so far. The second person had the DVD version, so we now know that both formats were sent out early in error.



topper said...

ok if his name is going to be "bob" or something like that, i am going to rage....or i get drunk...or both. probably both.