Sunday, 9 June 2013

BBV audios now available from Audible.

One of BBV's many plays to feature the Sontarans.
During the "wilderness years" before Doctor Who came back to our screens, many companies emerged with the goal of delivering a "Who-fix" for fans who were dearly missing their favourite series. BBV was one such company, and created many audio dramas and direct-to-video releases that were related to the series. Many of the staff who worked for BBV now work for Big Finish, including the head-honcho himself, Nicholas Briggs. BBV's audio dramas featured many recurring monsters from Doctor Who, despite none of them featuring the Doctor himself.

For years, the audio dramas created by BBV were out of print, and only available online through second-hand sites like eBay. Recent months have seen the re-emergence of some of these plays, now being distributed by BBV via BBV audios available on Audible include many familiar Doctor Who monsters, such as the Zygons in Absolution and Sontarans in Conduct Unbecoming, as well as villains who first appeared in Doctor Who spin-off media, such as Faction Paradox in The Eleven Day Empire and The I in I Scream.

The audio dramas are available as downloads for a price of £7.99, or for free if you try Audible's free trial.



Cult_Of_Mr_Conductor said...

Wow. Was not expecting this. May have to try these out!

Luke Foord said...

Late to the party but yes! Finally a way of getting these Can't even find downloads online!