Friday, 7 June 2013

Bernard Cribbins Speaks Out on Daleks for the Graham Norton Show

Former Doctor Who companion, James Bond actor, and popular singer Bernard Cribbins is going to be on Graham Norton's Radio 2 show Saturday 8th June; apparently, he'll be talking about his work in the Peter Cushing Dalek movies, one of which he of course starred in as policeman Tom Campbell. The show runs from 10-1 BST, with Cribbins pencilled in for 12:30. If you fancy sending in a question, you can email the show at

If you miss it, you have a week to listen to it on BBC iPlayer. It looks like this is part-and-parcel of a big publicity push for the Peter Cushing films; you can read a schedule of theatrical showings for the films here. And Cribbins has been giving interviews about them lately: Den of Geek, Digital Spy. This is probably all in service of the new Blu-ray releases, which came out in the UK last month.

Funnily enough, the BFI have also just announced the rediscovery of a BBC behind-the-scenes piece on "Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D". They plan to show it 3rd July, but you can buy tickets for the event 11th June. They too have a Dalek-centered interview with Cribbins on their website, which you can watch here.


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