Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Charlotte Moore confirmed as BBC1 Controller

Charlotte Moore, who's been acting BBC1 Controller since Danny Cohen's promotion to Director of Television this April, has been officially confirmed for the position. She's been with the BBC since 2006, and has hitherto specialised in documentaries, overseeing all such programmes for the Corporation since 2012. Moore remarked, "Running BBC One is the most exciting and creative job in television and I'm honoured to be taking over as the new controller." Director General Tony Hall commented that "This is a very critical appointment. I was really excited by Charlotte's ideas and vision, they have a boldness and originality that is absolutely what the channel should offer." Digital Spy says that her salary will be £240,000.

"Doctor Who" being a BBC1 flagship, the Radio Times reports that she'll be "overseeing" the November 50th anniversary celebrations. Perhaps her documentary background means that we'll be seeing more of an educational bent on programmes? You can read some articles of hers for the "About the BBC" blog here.

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Slap Happy Daffy said...

This scares me, is she against narrative fiction? I fear she may be one of our ememies...