Saturday, 8 June 2013

Colin Baker has a Birthday: Six Cheers More!

It's 8th June and Colin Baker's celebrating his 70th birthday, so many happy returns of the day. Moreso than his fellow Doctoral colleagues, Baker likes the Internet, so there's a couple of Sixth Doctor-centric links to send out. Baker's Twitter feed, to which he posts daily and often hourly, is here (he uses it to chat with quite a lot of Doctor Who actors, among them Bonnie Langford and Nicola Bryant). He also writes a weekly newspaper column for the Bucks Free Press and keeps an official website, though that isn't updated nearly as often as the other two. Here's a link to the Sixth Doctor Big Finish audios and some detailed coverage and reviews of each one up to the present day.

And here's a silly little snippet; Baker commenting to Jon Culshaw that he'd be a good next Doctor. (Jon Culshaw, as in the one off "Dead Ringers" with the knack for Tom Baker impressions. He put on a very convincing Fourth Doctor for "The Kingmaker," so he's had a bit of experience in the role.)

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