Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Doctor Who: Harvest of Time released tomorrow!

Tomorrow will see the release of BBC Books' latest Doctor Who release: Harvest of Time. The book follows the same format as last years' Wheel of Ice, and is aimed at an older audience than the books featuring the Eleventh Doctor. Following the same style as previous releases, the book is written by a famous author to science-fiction, this time prolific writer, Alistair Reynolds.

The story features the Third Doctor and once again pits him against his arch-nemesis, the Master. As well as his old nemesis, the story also introduces the Sild - a race formerly trapped at the end of time itself. The Doctor's quest to defeat the Sild will first involve him having to save his arch nemesis, in order to stop the Sild from rewriting history to their own sinister puropses.

Harvest of Time will be released in hardcover format, and is priced at has a retail price of £16.99. Amazon currently have the book at a reduced price of £10.19, so snap it up while it's cheap!


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