Thursday, 13 June 2013

Evil on the Mind: The Mind of Evil Returns in Colour - BBC South East Today Video

By now we're all familiar with the tragic stories about episodes of the original Doctor Who series that have been, ironically, lost to time. Hope is not lost, however, because every once in an episode will resurface, much to the delight of Who fans everywhere. Most of the missing episodes are gone forever, but in the case of the Jon Pertwee serial The Mind of Evil, only the colour prints were junked by the BBC, leaving the black and white prints safe for future generations. Using, as Doctor Who historian Richard Begnell calls it, "extraordinary alchemy," the colour information for the black and white film was found in order to digitally colour the film to return it to its original look. 

BBC South East Today had a piece on, not only the colour restoration, but about shooting on location in Dover Castle, the way the crew obtained the massive missile used for the shoot and a short piece with Katy Manning, who played companion Jo Grant in the serial. An extended version of the interview with Katy Manning is embedded below.

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PunkJohnnyCash said...

I am excited to see this in color finally. I did watch it again a couple years ago and before that I believe the last time I saw it was in the early 90's in B&W on PBS.