Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fan Art: Of Time and Space and Other Things

So here's some entertaining fan art: Paul Gadzikowski's "The Hero of Three Faces".

It's a webcomic dedicated to what may very well be the most complicated crossover fan fiction in history, incorporating references from dozens of sources as diverse as Superman, M*A*S*H, Firefly, and our own favourite time traveller (for sheer breadth it's comparable to what Robert Heinlein attempted with the "World as Myth" concept. As Lazarus Long himself explains, in a guest strip; this is the sort of work that's funnier the more you know). It's for people who don't just like continuity, but glory in fourth wall nods and the complicated explanations that fans who've contemplated puzzles for years can create. Which all serves as background to the main reason he's there; writing deft and witty punchlines for comics, and showing off what MS Paint can do when employed by someone who not only likes it but can use it to portray everything from webchats to the Sixth Doctor's coat.

Gadzikowski's current projects include this and "Arthur, King of Time and Space," a brave attempt to retell the entire Arthurian mythos in three different time periods. Which means all the Malory stories, and a good many other references to boot (he spent a year on the Roman campaign, by way of example; you could get a solid grounding in the legends just by reading this, but the writing is so good it'll encourage you to seek out the original sources for themselves). One comic per day: his website hasn't missed an update since its inception in 2004. You can read his Twitter feed here.

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