Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jenna-Louise Coleman cast in 'Death Comes to Pemberley'

Not content with travelling through time in the TARDIS as current companion Clara Oswald and getting to dress as a Victorian twice, Jenna-Louise Coleman will soon be seen wearing the trappings of yet another era.  As her name has appeared in the second wave of casting announcements for the upcoming BBC adaptation of Death Comes to Pemberley, P. D. James' murder mystery sequel to Pride and Prejudice, we can expect her to start donning regency dresses very soon.

Coleman will be playing Lydia Wickham, sister to the heroine of the original novel, Elizabeth Bennet.  In Death Comes to Pemberley Lydia, known for being somewhat reckless in the past, arrives on the doorstep of the stately home Elizabeth shares with her husband, Mr. Darcy, to deliver news of a terrible murder.  It sounds like it could be a very interesting part for Coleman to play, as fans of both the original novel and P.D. James' sequel will know well.  We've all seen how well she can act, but this is a very different role from 'the impossible girl' and it's a great opportunity for her to stretch her legs in others areas of film and television.

Death Comes to Pemberley will commence shooting later this month.



mayceegreene said...

P.D. James must know the admonition to "show not tell." However, her novel is one of telling and retelling the same details about the crime until the end, when finally someone shows up to tell it differently. That Elizabeth and Darcy are in the novel is a fact that fades to the background as their personalities become as bland as milquetoast and thenovel becomes more about the movement of characters than the revelationof character. Save your reading time for something more worthy.

Maycee (Hummer H1 Parts)

mayceegreene said...

I would recommend the book to sophisticated readers and even to Austen purists. I found it well done and consistently enjoyable. P.D. James has very kindly satisfied our craving for more Austen ambiance, without doing violence to the great writer's memory.

Maycee (Reliable Limousine in Seattle WA)